Picture love the way you’ve seen it in movies or heard in your favorite songs. We often hear handsome actors and crooning singers proclaim lines like, “I can’t live without you”. These so-called “romantic” expressions have come to represent ideal love for many. But in the real world of relationships, what is the difference between love and attachment?

In the video below, actress and former Miss India, Juhi Chawla, poses the question to Sadhguru, whether it is possible to love without attachment. As she points out, even if we turn to spiritual teachings for guidance, we find conflicting views regarding emotional attachment vs. love.

During the conversation, Sadhguru dispels many myths about love vs. attachment, and explains how falling in love with everyone and everything around us is possible for each of us. Love is a sweetness of emotion within us, he explains, not something given to us by someone else. Thus, the possibility to be loving or to fall in love is entirely in our hands.

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