Which delicious doughnut flavor best describes your relationship?

Which Beyonce song symbolizes your relationship style?

If your relationship were a paint color…..Enough already!

Healthy relationships require a certain amount of effort and understanding. When a relationship gets tangled up, it can be difficult to unwind. While scrolling through another relationship quiz might seem like a simple solution, are you really gaining any valuable insight…or are you just distracting yourself?

Our lives are filled with relationships of many kinds, not only romantic relationships. Unfortunately, figuring out why these relationships are clicking (or not) is not as simple as clicking on a relationship quiz.

It can be easy to blame the other person’s shortcomings when a relationship hits a rough patch. However, if we examine this simple guidance from Sadhguru, it becomes clear that through our own efforts, we can not only enjoy happy and healthy relationships, we can become a source of joy for everyone around us.

Sadhguru: “There are many types of relationships that you hold in your life: neighbors, friends, wives, husbands, children, parents, siblings, lovers. Even when people hate each other, there is a relationship, isn’t there?

Fundamentally, all relationships have come up because you have certain needs to fulfill – physical, mental, emotional, social, financial, and so on. You try to establish relationships based on the need you have. If that need is not fulfilled, that relationship cannot be.

Today, our lives have become complex, and we are constantly shifting from one type of relationship to another. One moment you are on the phone with your business partner and the next moment you are talking to your wife. Life has become like this. It is constantly shifting. If you treat your wife like you treat your business partner, you are in trouble. If you treat your business partner like your wife, again you are in trouble, aren’t you?

So you need to juggle your relationships constantly to keep them going. It all depends on how many balls you have picked up for juggling. If you just had one, it would be easy; but you have picked up ten. So now juggling is complex for you. You don’t want to drop any one of them, because if any one of them falls, a part of  your life will fall apart. So you want to juggle all the ten balls at the same time. When you are juggling so much, you can’t focus on anything else in your life, can you? If you are juggling ten balls, can you think of anything else?

Now, there is another way to exist – experientially – where one can exist without any relationships. One is so complete within himself that relationships aren’t needed. But right now, for most people, the quality of their relationships decides the quality of their life.

So let’s see how we can have the most beautiful relationship, every moment of our lives, wherever we are. If you look at it, you are trying to somehow make yourself happy by building different types of relationships and doing different types of activities. You make friends, you get married, you have children, you start businesses – you do everything with the belief that this will bring you happiness. You built all these relationships in pursuit of happiness. In other words, somehow you are trying to squeeze some happiness out of people. Once you do this, relationships will be constant trouble – you cannot do without it, you cannot do with it! When there is no sense of joy or happiness within you, you are trying to extract it from somebody, and that person is trying to extract it from you. Now, this is bound to become a battle.

If relationships have to be really beautiful, it is very important that a human being turn inward and look at himself in a very deep way before he looks at somebody else. If  you become a source of joy by yourself, and your relationships are about sharing your joy, not squeezing joy out of somebody, then you would have wonderful relationships with anybody. Is there anybody in the world who would have any problem with you if you are going there to share your joy with them? No. But you are trying to extract joy from them, that’s where the problem is. Relationships have become a problem because we are trying to fill the gaps in our lives with relationships.

If your relationship is about extracting something out of somebody, it doesn’t matter how much you manage, there will be constant trouble. If your relationship was an offering to the person who is next to you right now, then everything would be fantastic.”

Meditation for Better Relationships

According to this article from Marsha Lucas, Ph.D, originally published in Psychology Today, daily meditation can rewire a person’s brain for better relationships. Meditators enjoy reduced stress as well as improved communication, empathy, insight and intuition, all of which can aid in creating healthier relationships. Clearly, some of the best relationship advice is to take a few minutes each day and meditate.

Below, Inner Engineering participants share how meditation helped them enjoy improved relationships:

“One thing that stands out is how I relate and communicate with friends, co-workers and new acquaintances. I was introverted to the point where sometimes I would dread having to talk with people, and ‘not talking’ created even greater anxiety. Now, I am much more comfortable with myself and others. If there is something to talk about, we can talk, no problem-it’s actually fun. Life is much richer this way!”– John Donabedian

“Inner Engineering gave me a much-needed daily practice and discipline, which has transformed my life in so many ways: It has balanced me on an emotional level so that I feel aligned within myself and much more able to handle different types of external situations. It has made me less reactive, and more responsive and responsible and in daily situations. As a result, my relationships with friends, family and co-workers has improved. Doing the powerful practice every morning sets a tone of joy and peace for my entire day, and has really improved my clarity, focus and overall state of mind. I feel much less negative, and much more capable of taking on new challenges.” – Saluja Ghelani

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  1. BB Reply
    Yes do need to find balance when it come to so many relationships that we have. The key for me is just communicate often and let them know that you are here for them. Love will make a way.
  2. T. H Reply
    Hi; I am 61yrs old male and I am in a relationship with a 55yrs old woman for the last 8 months, in the start it was so beautiful and we have a mutual understanding of what this relationship will guide us to, for the last month or two we are arguing a lot, about things that matters for the my partner, it is about that I did not introduce her to my family, my family lives far away and the only way to contact them is by phone, and she did talked to my sister back on Xmass On skype, and she constant raise these issues every time that we do have a small disagreement, I love this woman and I do anything to really be with her for the rest of my life, would like some input to what you think I should do to pass this situation
  3. Louis Reply
    Be true to yourself.... Life is short... and “HAPPINESS 24/7” should be the goal. Am I right? I am an entertainer and I see a lot of people struggle in their relationships. My job, is simply to make em’ smile and dig the cool music for a few hours and that’s it. But to create Happiness 24/7 is something entirely different; and that’s why I wanted to create an online community to review and discuss great relationship content with others. Discover how you can indeed attract the right person and finally find that great relationship you’ve always dreamed of. Now go get yours before it’s too late and the party is over:
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  7. Maritza M Urbina Reply
    Hello my name is Mari I'm 27 and my grlfriend is 31. We started of as friends and grew into friends with benifits quickly. We cont this for a gd 6 months til she asked me out. It's been a yr already of us being together and we have hit an bump. That bond and friendship we had in the beginning is gone. We are starting to not understand each other feelings or just simply talks. I love her and she says she loves me that's why she hasn't jump ship. How can I gain this back? I want that bond that we are each other's safe zones. I want that best friend relationship but also partner and also lover. And mostly to both of us to still to be ourselves and grow individually as also has a couple.
  8. Amanda korn Reply
    How do u deal with a relationship, that u still love n care about that person but they don't love n care about u anymore that they want u to just leave? We have been together 4years n have alour first kid and together on the way n were suppose to get married. N he has angry issues n trust issues. N am a big secret from his family. I just want him n I back to how we use to be I want me life back. He says it's all my fault when some of it is but he won't accept his doing in this relationship. How do we tell my 3 kids that love him to death we aren't together? How do we tell his daughter that we aren't together? The hardest part is he says he still loves n cares about me but et he is never home. Doesn't texts me back anymore n says mean hurtful things to me.
  9. Russell Reply
    The juggling balls analogy really says it. Just like a crystal bullet I instantly say how I was avoiding my own health and personal attention over my relationship. I recently ended, a long 16 years on/off relationship with a unique, but at odds with herself internally, now 57 yo woman (I'm 61). She moved out 5 months ago, we struggled to keep things going, but in the end we were both miserable, I recently severed all ties. Kinda hard these days, she has been to a couple of family reunions and is Facebook friends with about 40 of my relatives!!!! YIKES! Hey, everyone likes her! And she is a likeable person, but she has made some poor choices. And that is what this is all about, choices. Hell I still like her, but sadly, and it was hard to admit, I am not in love with her and that is the division I needed to see and move on. I could go on analyzing this but I feel that is looking for blame. 5 years ago my daughter took her life and today it is still painful. At the same time I was dealing with my gals medical problems,, that overwhelmed me when I started to have medical issues a few months ago, I just snapped. It wasn't pretty either. Move on and save yourself first. When you take care of yourself everything is easy. Be honest and truthful, brutally, but not vengeful. I fight to retain my core values, that over time have become blurry. Thank you for providing me with some insight. Russell
  10. Mary Reply
    Many times people are unhappy with themselves with thinking about what could of been and what should be right now. We just don't want to look inside because we are scared of what we will find. I can say this for many times it has been hard for me to look inside and answer questions will help my reaction to my relations.
  11. margaret Reply
    my girlfriend broke up with me almost 3 months ago we still live together and I will do what ever it take to fix it but it seem like I mess up all the time and im just needing some guidance to how I can really show her the mistake will not happen again. I know were still in love with each other but I just need her to see and believe it , she says she doesn't know what she want I feel like she is scared and not saying it
  12. abigayle Reply
    Me and my bf have been dating for 7 months in the beginning it was great. but in the last 4 months we have been fighting everyday but lately we can go about 4 days without fighting then we end up fighting again we are both 20 and we want to spend the rest of our lives together but we are tired of the fighting. I want to know what i could do to try and fix our relationship I'm just at a lose i want to fix it before it's to late. I love him with all my heart and i try and show him as much as i can and i know he loves me with all his heart but he never shows it besides our date night the we have once every couple of months. he says hes not the type of guy that shows emotion and i he says he thinks of cute and romantic things he wants to do for me but he never does anything about it he just tells me he wants to do that stuff for me and never does.

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