What is it that propels people to pursue a career? The primary reason is to earn a livelihood, to be independent. But everybody seems to want much more than that. Some don’t just want to barely survive, they’d like to enjoy a lavish lifestyle. For some, a career may be an expression of their desire for power and conquest. And for some, it may be a desire to contribute to the world, to bring about a worthwhile change. A career of research is a pursuit to know the truth. A career of an artist is devoted to the finer and aesthetic aspects of human capabilities. Whatever the path, every career is often plagued with its own challenges.

Unlike a few decades ago, the rate at which careers are getting obsolete and are being replaced either by technology or new skills is unprecedented. Combine that with population explosion and vacillating economies and one shouldn’t be surprised to find an alarming increase in incidents of tension and anxiety at workplace. It’s not uncommon to find people being perpetually in a state of stress, spending long hours at work contributing to a significant deterioration of health. Above all, people may even forget that there’s so much more to life than just work, and that the basic purpose of pursuing education and a career is to survive and be self sufficient in the society.

Not pursuing a career may not always be an option for everybody. And external factors that may cause stress at work may be inevitable. Yoga offers many ways to deal with stress at work. But for those who have lust for the finer dimensions of life, but are compelled to pursue a career, this video may be of much interest. In this video, a seeker elicits ways to deal with work related stress, and finds himself with an unexpected and insightful response from Sadhguru. See if you can relate to it!

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