You are at your best friend’s birthday party. People are talking, laughing, dancing, and eating. You are enjoying yourself until another person there approaches you whose conversation begins to annoy you. He, for some reason, won’t leave your side no matter how politely you try to move away.  Or maybe at work, the person in the next cubicle just makes your skin crawl. You are not even sure why. But you are stuck together at the workplace until who knows when. What to do?

Most people gravitate toward another with similar opinions and interests to ours, or maybe because the other person seems to be kind and considerate. But how do you react when you meet someone who, for whatever reason, you just don’t like? Do you ignore them? Do you go out of your way to minimize any interaction with them? Are you even mean towards them, maybe not outwardly so but in a subtle way?

Sadhguru sheds light on this dilemma and gives us an opportunity to use it for our own growth.

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