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It is Sadhguru’s wish and vision that every human being is empowered with the tools to engineer a profound inner transformation towards their health and well-being.


Isha Outreach

"How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is.”—Sadhguru
Isha Outreach, Isha Foundation’s social outreach initiative, serves as a thriving model for human empowerment and community revitalization around the world.

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Action for Rural Rejuvenation

Offers free medical care and community rehabilitation covering more than seven million people in 4,600 villages in Southern India

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Isha Vidhya

A pioneering program created to transform the lives of rural children by empowering them with affordable, high-quality education. Today, nine schools have been established, benefiting 6,415 students.

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Project GreenHands

A massive public reforestation effort aiming to increase the green cover of Tamil Nadu by 10% in order to reverse desertification, reduce soil erosion, restore self-sufficiency, recreate sustainability and counteract climate change.

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Rally for Rivers

Rally for Rivers is a movement to save India’s lifelines. Sadhguru launched the campaign in 2017 to revitalize the nation’s rapidly depleting rivers, personally driving over 9300 km through 16 states to raise awareness about the dire situation.

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