When making the promise of “’til death do us part” at their wedding altar, no one anticipates the possibility of their marriage ending in divorce. However, with 50% of all first marriages ending in divorce or separation, this is a reality for many Americans. Divorces can often be a very emotionally painful experience and many find it extremely difficult to move on with their lives after the end of their marriage. According to psychologist Dr. Andra Bosh, who writes about divorce on the Good Therapy website, going through a divorce is more than about separating finances and dividing up possessions; it is an experience that deeply affects people on a mental, emotional and physical level.

Susan Pease Gadoua, the author of Contemplating Divorce, writes in Psychology Today that the pain associated with divorce must be acknowledged in order for one to heal emotionally. Gadoua adds that the pain of divorce is not just a consequence of the marriage ending, but it is also the pain from the fact that caused the end of the marriage, such as a spouse that was unfaithful or irresponsible with joint finances. To heal from divorce, she suggests letting yourself feel your emotions and acknowledging them. Suppressing them, adds Gadoua, will only prolong the emotional pain.

For further insight into the nature of relationships and why breaking them is so painful, we’ve shared a video excerpt below from an Inner Engineering program where a participant asks Sadhguru to shed light on this issue:

How has Sadhguru’s wisdom helped ease your emotional pain? Share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. Anna Maria Reply
    It allows me the grace to mourn and grieve without having to push myself to get over it. It will be over when the process completes itself in its own time. It gives me the grace to honor the sorrow.
  2. Vamshitha Reply
    Sadhguru - You are awesome! Such a clarity you have on many aspects of life. I have immense gratitude towards you, you have changed the way i look at life. Thank you soo much!
  3. Suresh Reply
    Thanks to Sadhguru , no words can explain how important it was for me to hear this today , everyday and for ever !
  4. DAnonymous1 Reply
    Do not divorce yourself from yourself. Perhaps that's what a suicide is. Currently in midst of a relationship that needs a mortician to bury it because it's decomposing. Once contemplated suicide, but that would have been divorcing myself. Thank you.

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