You’ve got a lot of reasons to be happy – really!

Being happy goes beyond just pleasant emotions. Learning to remain joyful throughout the day can have dramatic positive effects on physiology and even improves the overall mental function. Isn’t that enough reason to keep smiling?

In the video below, an excerpt from an interview with former CNN reporter Kathleen Koch, Sadhguru elaborates on the science of happiness and enhancing the mind. Even though physical laws prevent our brains from further development, there are various techniques, like properly executed yoga practices, that can help us learn how to use our brain better and better. Sadhguru explains:

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Feeling inspired to get happy? Read 10 tips for happiness from Sadhguru below:

10 Tools Towards a Happy Life

1 – See that being joyful is your fundamental responsibility

The first and most fundamental responsibility for a human being is to become a joyous being. To be happy is not the ultimate aspect of life. It is the fundamental aspect of life. If you are not happy, what else can you do with your life? Only if you are happy, can other great possibilities open up.

Whatever you do, it is only your inner quality that you are going to spread. Whether you like it or not, that is the reality. Unless something of true value happens within you, you cannot do anything of tremendous value to the world. So, if you are concerned about the world, the first thing you must do is transform yourself into a joyous being.

2 – Realize that joy is your original nature

It does not matter what you are pursuing in your life, whether it is business, power, education or service, you are doing so because somewhere deep inside you is a feeling that this will bring you happiness. Every single action that we perform on this planet springs from an aspiration to be happy because it is the original nature. When you were a child you were simply happy. That is your nature. The source of joy is within you; you can take charge of it.

3 – Put things in perspective

Today morning, did you see that the sun came up wonderfully well? The flowers blossomed, no stars fell down, the galaxies are functioning very well. Everything is in order. The whole cosmos is happening wonderfully well today but just a worm of a thought worming through your head makes you believe it is a bad day today.

Suffering is happening essentially because most human beings have lost perspective as to what this life is about. Their psychological process has become far larger than the existential process, or to put it bluntly, you’ve made your petty creation far more important than the Creator’s creation. That is the fundamental source of all suffering. We have missed the complete sense of what it means to be alive here. A thought in your head or an emotion within you determines the nature of your experience right now. And your thought and emotion may have nothing to do even with the limited reality of your life. The whole creation is happening wonderfully well but just one thought or emotion can destroy everything.

4 – See the mind for what it is

What you call as “my mind” is not yours actually. You don’t have a mind of your own. Please look at it carefully. What you call as “my mind” is just society’s garbage bin. Anyone and everyone who passes by you stuffs something into your head. You really have no choice about whom to receive from and whom not to receive from. If you say, “I don’t like this person,” you will receive a lot more from that person than anyone else. You really don’t have a choice. If you know how to process and use it, this garbage is useful. This accumulation of impressions and information that you have gathered is only useful for survival in the world. It has got nothing to do with who you are.

5 – Move from psychological to existential

When we talk about a spiritual process, we are talking about shifting from psychological to existential. Life is about the creation that is here, knowing it absolutely and experiencing it the way it is; not distorting it the way you want. If you want to move into existential reality, to put it very simply, you just have to see that what you think is not important, what you feel is not important. What you think has nothing to do with reality. It has no great relevance to life. The mind is just chattering away with nonsense that you have gathered from somewhere else. If you think it is important, you will never look beyond that.

Your attention naturally flows in the direction of whatever you hold as important. If your thought and your emotion is important, naturally your whole attention will be right there. But that is a psychological reality. That has nothing to do with the existential. Suffering is not showered upon us, it is manufactured. And the manufacturing unit is in your mind. It is time to shut down the manufacturing unit.

6 – Stop pursuing, start expressing

Today we are seeking happiness so vigorously that the very life of the planet is being threatened. Don’t be in pursuit of happiness. Know how to express your happiness in the world. If you look back at your life and see, the most beautiful moments in life are moments when you are expressing your joy, not when you are seeking it.

What you save will never be your quality. What you dispense will be your quality. If you save your joy, at the end of your life no one will take account, “She saved every bit of joy in her; she’s the most joyfully dead.” They will say, “This horrible creature never even smiled in her life.” But if every day you dispensed your joy and love, people would say, “Oh she was a joyful and loving being.”

7 – Smile!

When you get up in the morning, the first thing you should do is smile. At whom? No one. Because just the fact that you woke up is not a small thing. So many millions of people who slept last night did not wake up today, but you and me woke up. Isn’t it great that you woke up? So smile because you woke up. Then look around and if there is someone, smile at them. For so many people, someone dear to them did not wake up today morning. Everyone who is dear to you woke up – Wow! It’s a great day, isn’t it? Then go out and take a look at the trees. They didn’t die last night either.

You may think this is ridiculous, but you will know the reality of it when someone dear to you doesn’t wake up. Don’t wait till then to realize the value of it. It is not something ridiculous, this is the most valuable thing – that you are alive and everything that matters to you is alive. When on this disastrous night so many people did not wake up and the loved ones of so many others did not wake up, you and your loved ones woke up. Isn’t it a fantastic event? Appreciate it and smile at least. Learn to look at a few people lovingly.

8 – Remind yourself to smile!

For many people, it just takes an hour to forget all this and pretty soon their reptilian brain wants to bite someone. So give yourself a dose once an hour – a reminder of the value of life. If you are very insensitive, remind yourself every half-an-hour. If you are horribly insensitive, remind yourself every five minutes. It takes only ten seconds to remind yourself. You could do it in just two seconds too – “I’m alive, you’re alive. What more?”

9 – Transform what’s within

At present, the quality of your life is not determined by the clothes that you wear, the educational qualifications that you carry, the family background that you come from or the bank balances that you hold. Rather, the quality of your life depends upon how peaceful and joyous you are within yourself.

Definitely, somebody who does not have food and who is deprived of the basic needs for survival can be physically miserable. That needs to addressed. For such people, we must take care of those things first. But for most others, their needs are an endless list. You think the man who is driving the car is happier than the man who is walking on the street? No. It is not decided by what you have. It depends on how they are that moment.

10 – Stop comparing yourself with others

Most people are miserable not because of what they don’t have. It is simply because they are comparing themselves with someone else. You are driving a motorbike, you see somebody in a Mercedes and you make yourself miserable. For someone on a bicycle, he sees you on a motorbike and that is a limousine for him. Somebody walking on the street looks at the bicycle and thinks, “Wow, if I just had that, what I would have done with my life!” It is a foolish game and it is just going on.

All those people who depend on external situations to be happy will never know true joy in their lives. It is definitely time we look inward and see how to create personal wellbeing. From your own experience of life you can clearly see that true wellbeing will come to you only if your interiority changes. If you depend on the outside to bring joy to you, you need to understand, the outside never happens 100% the way you want it. When this is the reality, at least this one person – you – must happen the way you want it to be. If you did happen the way you want yourself to be, the very natural choice is joy. That is not something that you have to pursue. If you fall back into your original nature, joyfulness is the only way you will be.

Learn How Inner Engineering Can Make You Happy!

Click Here: Inner Engineering with Sadhguru – Los Angeles March 30-31, Philadelphia April 27-28

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  1. Patrica C Reply
    I am suddenly seeking HAPPINESS after being hurt down to core of my being. Feeling mentally and physically beat down and broken to the point of self loathing. I want to be able to smile again and feel the inner peace that was destroyed in my life. Your article is a good starting point with lots of positive way to mend a broke mind. To start with a smile everyday you wake up is a great way to start a day toward empowering your road to recover.
  2. Mitch Reply
    I'm mentally broken but by simply reading this page I can already feel the healing process taking place : )
    • Paulina Reply
      I can relate to that
  3. Elizabeth Reply
    Thank you for the wonderful reminders. Blessings all around.
  4. Kashif Mckenzie Reply
    I must say at 40 it's been a tough battle for me as a man having two kids and living in a world that's so cruel this morning smile is great but reality still slaps us in the face when we walk out the door in to this jungle world we live in and that's not changing and Iam still a postive person and ask God to heal the world save me and my family amen
  5. Nisha Reply
    This was the best thing i have read in idk how long! Wow. Thank you!
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  7. Robert Reply
    I have been suffering for awhile with anxiety which lead to depression. Help.I can't stop feeling sad
  8. Sandy Reply
    Thank You for your article. I will try the practice of smiling each morning I wake up. And looking at a tree. Great idea for starting on the right foot in the morning.
  9. John A Reply
    Thanx for the article , good reminder
  10. John A Reply
    Thank you for this article , made me smile today !!!
  11. Terry Kruk Reply
    I believe happiness is key to our society and to the world. If we all could feel and be happy,life it self would be a wonderful thing to live. We need to be more appreciative of what we have and not strive so hard to have more.
  12. Brad S Reply
    It's hard to stay on track sometimes. I hope every day that I will find my true path in life, that everything will feel right and I'll be at peace.
  13. Mario Reply
    I'm going through a separation and I'm so glad I found this website I was looking for ways to cope with my grieve and get back on my feet . what I'm reading here is very helpful and truthful thank you
  14. Kaldon Al Kalsy Reply
    I can read this article than means i have eyes and i can control my hand to move the page downward and i have simple English helping me to understand the words and am smiling . If simple words written believed in my ability to be happy then i should believe in mine Thank you for mind setting :-)
  15. Franca Spagnuolo Reply
    Your article makes so much sense. I just want to feel happy again. I was always a very happy person but after my accident and my mother died in the accident I just have not been able to let the negative feelings go. Our life has been changed so much with her gone. I really wish I could be the same person again and pick up the pieces and go on but I feel such a sadness inside of me. Thank you for your article I will try to practice it. God Bless.
  16. Phil Itano Reply
    The helped me feel better, and I've been studying for many years, over thirty. Still, I did manage to improve how I felt by studying some cognitive psychology, I.e., the idea that what we think heavily influences how we feel. And so changing how we think - being less judgmental, less blaming, etc., and more helpful, compassionate, encouraging, etc., helps.
  17. Phil Itano Reply
    A little conscious breathing, and some focus on peace, calm, or something to appreciate also helps a little. (And "a little" can be a big thing.)
  18. Laurie Reply
    Blessing to everyone who reads and practices these happiness tips.
  19. Talent Assessment Reply
    Awesome article it is important that we should be happy then we can make others happy, it also helps to have the good day and we make our mind more innovative, thank you for sharing.
  20. Dale Reply
    Hello! I'm at a library in my city, and just happened upon this article which made me laugh (& smile more) than I usually do! Great article for Everyone! Thank you so very much! Love&Light, Dale from Nova Scotia, Canada on this "beautiful 15degrees & not 3degrees like yesterday" Sunday. :)
  21. kuro ginah Reply
    people are usually unhappy because of their problems, some times past obstacles they failed to overcome, future obstacles they are yet to take on and present obstacles, does being happy mean ignoring these obstacles ?
  22. George Reply
    You want to take this a step further, once you have mastered the effort of smiling for yourself. Make the people around you smile , become contagious. This is not a difficult thing , all you have to do is believe you can do it. Every day that I go to work I try to get someone to smile, just one person once. That's all it takes. After a week of doing this it becomes automatic, and guess what those people you make smile, smile when they see you,because they are glad to see you because it is has become some what pleasurable for them.
  23. Linda Reply
    God Bless all of you! I pray for health and happiness in body, mind and spirit for myself and the world! I haven’t smiled that much in a very long time. I have been so caught up in suffering over being hurt in a relationship, and also continuing to be in the relationship because I care very much about him and he also takes care of me financially. I am 60 and I have had insomnia and anxiety from worrying about not being able to support myself financially and I have a dear friend who has been like a mother to me for 40 years whole health is failing, and worrying about my boyfriend in his business. He works long hard hours , a very ill mother, grown children, etc... I always wake up and thank God for my blessings, the Sun, the birds, my Leto legs, eyesight, etc... However, I don’t smile too often. I just smiled. Thank you for the difference you make in inspiring others to realize that happiness is an inside job. I love you and thank God for your presence and your gift of being a source of healing energy, love and light! God Bless You! Linda
  24. Heather Reply
    I needed to read this!
  25. Melvin Reply
    I've learn several good stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how much attempt you set to make this kind of fantastic informative website.
  26. Amy Lorraine Condle Reply
    It was very helpfull and interesting! Happiness takes time to find with in or around you!
  27. angei Reply
    For those flat earth people. How do you explain my life going downhill? I like to make other people happy but I'm never happy I don't know what to do please help me.
    • sean fishgold Reply
      You can still have a hill on a flat earth ;). A problem can be solved, but never forgotten.
  28. Grant Reply
    Smile, Breathe, and go Slowly
  29. Addison Reply
    Thank you so much for this article, I'm in my teens and yet this article is so helpful in my everyday life. I have been struggling with anxiety, depression, and my faith but this brought me right back to my senses. Thank you for people in this world like you, who cares for others. (and don't worry I'm already beaming currently, and I won't forget tomorrow morning.
  30. Grateful Quad Reply
    My name is John I go by the grateful quogue you can find me on Spotify or Tik-Tok spreading nothing but positivity enjoy. It is June 17th 2022 I am reading this article for the first time I made a video about how our natural state of being used to be joyous and happy on Easter of this year it's on my Tik-Tok page long before a news article adjusted I don't know what that is but I think it's something. I am trying to make you understand they can be happy it's just a choice no matter what's going on it's a choice how you react to what's going on is what your reality becomes. I am trying to spread positivity and kindness all over the world. Dream for a world full of kind people that want nothing to do what's your happiness and peace what there fellow human beings. I am so glad I found this page I thank you so much I love you and have a wonderful day. Or whenever you read this. The typos are not my fault it's my keyboards I speak I don't type I can't I forgot a quadriplegic in my life is my greatest gift give it to me every single time I wake up.

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