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If you are exuberant, joyful, and wonderful, your immune system will function much better than when you are worried. Wholeness of Life Is Health.
- Sadhguru

Effective Practices Recommended by Sadhguru During Challenging Times

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During this pandemic Sadhguru is encouraging the adoption of some effective practices that can support our wellbeing. In this time of acute crisis, these practices will strengthen our systems and bring an inner balance.

The practices are offered through online webinars with a trained Isha Instructor which includes yoga and meditation along with yogic health tips to help boost your health and immunity.


Yoga for Respiratory Health
Simha Kriya

A simple Yogic process to boost immunity and enhance lung capacity

Sadhguru specifically designed this yogic process to support the respiratory system, enhance lung capacity and boost immunity.

  • Enhances the lung capacity
  • Enhances immunity
  • Can help identify if you have a respiratory problem

Duration: 60 minutes
Open to all

Meditation for Beginners
Isha Kriya

Isha Kriya is a simple yet potent meditation created by Sadhguru. "Isha" means that which is the source of creation. "Kriya" means an inward action towards that.

Isha Kriya, a free guided meditation, takes only 12-18 minutes and is an easy to learn process that you can do at home, work, or wherever you are. This meditation can bring clarity, health, and joy.

Duration: 60 minutes
Open to all aged 12+


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