Inner Engineering Inclusive

Inner Engineering Online consists of seven sessions with Sadhguru that you can complete at your own pace. Each 90-minute online session incorporates ancient wisdom, tools for awareness, a guided meditation, and yoga practices. Bringing Sadhguru’s most profound insights to your very home, this comprehensive course is designed to foster mental sharpness, emotional balance, and a sense of vibrance and effortlessness in your day-to-day life.

Offered live in-person and online, Inner Engineering Completion offers the transmission of Shambhavi Mahamudra Kriya, a powerful and purifying 21-minute energy technique which incorporates the breath, along with rejuvenating and invigorating preparatory asanas. Shambhavi aligns your entire system so that your body, mind, emotions and energies function in harmony, establishing a chemistry of blissfulness within you and empowering you to create your life the way you want it. Following the program, free lifetime support is facilitated by dedicated volunteers both in-person and online.

Inner Engineering Inclusive is a package registration which includes both Inner Engineering Online and Inner Engineering Completion. Below, you can choose your preferred Inner Engineering Completion format:

  • In-person 2-day program with an Isha Yoga Instructor, offered in a city near you.
  • In-person 2-day residential retreat at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences, Tennessee.
  • Online in a 3-session format. You can choose from a range of dates for the first two sessions, whilst session 3 is a fixed date for all.

Recommended program based on your location:

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